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Let's face it, everyone loves the look of their car when it’s spotless and now there is a way to keep it staying that way. Our ceramic protection from R1 Pro Nano Ceramic ensures that your vehicle is protected from the environment and also provides protection making it a breeze to clean your car.

Imagine never having to wax your car again! With our ceramic finish available with either a 5-year or 7-year warranty, you'll never have to worry about the re-application process ever again.

The Paint Protection Process

  1. Complete Exterior Detail
  2. Full Paint Correction
  3. Application of Coating


  1. Water Contact Angle: 100~110°
  2. Sliding Angle: 15~25°
  3. Thickness: 2~3µm
  4. Heat Resistance: 1800°C
  5. Hardness: 9H

Why Choose R1 Pro Nano Ceramic Coating?

Unlike waxes and sealants, R1 Pro Coating adds a measurable 2~3µm thick protective “glass-like” coating. Unlike the durability of wax and sealants which is measured in months, R1 Pro Coating products' durability is measured in years!

R1 Pro Coating is the most exclusive automotive surface protection in the world! Only available to certified detailers, R1 Pro was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes due to its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other. While its beauty is undeniable, this is only the start! Long term protection of that beauty and resistance to the environment is equally important. Utilizing a proprietary condensed nanotech material, R1 adds a measurable 3µm tough, high gloss “glass-like” layer, which protects the paint from dirt, brake dust, bugs, bird bombs, and tar for a minimum of 5 years. 

To experience the glossiest finish and best protection on the market contact Action Car Detailing today!

We're Like A Spa 

For Your Car

Features of R1 Pro Nano Ceramic Coating

Stays clean & glossy longer
than any protection
Harder surface: Resistance to
fine swirls and marring

Resistance to break dust
and iron contaminants

Resistance to bugs, tar,
and bird bombs

Dust blows off and dirt washes off easilyResistance to UV and other
environmental contaminants
Low sliding angle ensures 

less droplets left on surface

Withstands chips and light 

scratches to protect the paint beneath

5-Year ProtectionPrice ($)
2-Row SUV
2-Door Truck
3-Row SUV
Van & 4-Door Truck
Note: Coating can be
applied on wheels, trims
and windows for extra

7-Year ProtectionPrice ($)
2-Row SUV
2-Door Truck
3-Row SUV
Van & 4-Door Truck
Note: Coating can be
applied on wheels, trims
and windows for extra
Per Estimate
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