Headlight Restoration

Our Process

 Detail clean the lens

 Wet sand the headlamp

 Remove scratches & swirls

 Apply 2 layers of clear coating giving the lens a showroom look

$65 (all vehicles)

↓ boat detailing & Decal removal

Boat Detailing & Decal Removal

Our Boat Detailing Process

 Carpet Shampoo

 Interior Steam Cleaned

 Exterior Cut-Polished & Waxed

Price is as per estimate

One Day

Decal Removals

Price is as per estimate

1 - 2 hours

↓ Odour Removal

Odour Removal

We have to shampoo the carpet, upholstery and roof of the vehicle before 

applying the odour treatment. An extra charge applies for having to shampoo the vehicle.


Cigarette Smoke

Cigar Smoke


Body Odour

$99 (all vehicles)

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